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Japanese Kadomatsu !!!

Japanese Kadomatsu

A kadomatsu (門松?, literally “gate pine”) is a traditional Japanese decoration of the New Year placed in pairs in front of homes to welcome ancestral spirits or kami of the harvest. They are placed after Christmas until January 7 (or January 15 during the Edo period) and are considered temporary housing (shintai) for kami. Designs for kadomatsu vary depending on region but are typically made of pine, bamboo, and sometimes ume tree sprigs which represent longevity, prosperity and steadfastness, respectively. “The fundamental function of the New Year ceremonies is to honor and receive the toshigami (deity), who will then bring a bountiful harvest for farmers and bestow the ancestors’ blessing on everyone.” After January 15 (or in many instances the 19th) the kadomatsu is burned to appease the kami or toshigami and release them.


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((Crystal line)) NEW Release & 50%off sale

Hello, this is ((Crystal line)). We have prepared new release, called ((Crystal line))”Vine” Accessory set and ((Crystal line))Prim nail”Vine” & Nail Reset HUD.
There are 2 type nail, prim nail with jewelry and prim nail only with 15 nail texture change script each. It is easy to use the length of the nail because midium size.
We have packed the nail for 0 size hands together from this time.
And don’t forget !! You can get 50%off if you buy a part of the stuff which was made them before, even if transfer one. Why don’t you pick it up for christmas present? We are looking forward to see you at main store.

NEW Group Gift

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Tres Beau & MANDALA NEW!!

Outfitt: Tres Beau “Fox Tail” and Sable

Necklace: female(chest)[MANDALA]RUSHANA NECKLACE/Yamabuki Gold
earring: (small)[MANDALA]RINNE EARRING(Inca Gold)

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*26(Sienna)

Location: My house Garden



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